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WolfPack Athletics & Activities!

Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy - Boalsburg, PA


WolfPack Athletics & Activities!

Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy - Boalsburg, PA

WolfPack Athletics & Activities!

Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy - Boalsburg, PA

The Pack Athletics & Activities Committee (PAAC) GO WOLFPACK!

Boosters Home.

The purpose of the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy Pack Athletics & Activities Committee (PAAC) is to support, facilitate, and promote athletics & activities for the benefit of our students. The PAAC is under the direction of the Director of Athletics & Student Activities and school administration as informed by our four pillars of Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, & Service.

The PAAC will provide support for students who participate in these programs through organization, planning and implementing of school-approved fundraising programs/activities. The PAAC will also support publicity for athletics & activities.

If you are interested in donating, please Click Here (Back the Pack)!

For more information, please continue reading (In process of being updated):

Saint Joseph’s Pack Athletics & Activities Committee (PAAC)

The vision of the committee is to serve as an extension of the Saint Joseph’s Athletic Department in the realm of fundraising, as the Athletic Department & these programs are an extension of the classroom. There is no individual or team that carries greater weight than the overall goals of our school community. The objectives of our athletic department programs are centered on building believers, scholars, leaders, and servants. In order to accomplish our goals of developing well-rounded student-athletes, our community must work as a single unit.

The Pack Athletics & Activities Committee consists of volunteers who feel strongly about our vision for athletics & activities. These individuals plan, organize, and implement fundraising efforts to support our athletic & activity budget.

What is the fundraising goal for the PAC?

Our fundraising goal for the 2018-19 school year is $50,000. We will accomplish this goal through the following avenues:

  • Saint Joseph’s Apparel Sales
  • Home Competition: Gate & Concessions
  • Saint Joseph’s Activity/Raffle Sales
  • Back the Pack Sponsorship Program

How are the funds used?

The funds are earmarked to assist in transportation and athlete recognition costs. The athletic budget is developed to allow our student-athletes to gain competitive experiences throughout the region, the cost of transportation and lodging can get expensive for these trips. Additionally, it is important to recognize our Student-Athletes for their positive representation within our community. Awards, gifts, and marketing efforts are an important piece of the budget.

How do SJCA families assist in these efforts?

Service is one of the four pillars of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy. It has been a staple of the school that students appreciate their ability and responsibility to assist their greater community. The PAC feels as though parents should model this expectation through service to the school. Therefore, each family is asked to sign-up to work two (2) home events per student-athlete throughout the year.

Additional ways we, as parents, can help…

  • Join Back the Pack, and recruit others to do the same
  • Buy some apparel
  • Volunteer to serve on the PAC

Meetings are held in room 204 at 6:30 pm on the second Thursday of each month.

Together, the families of Saint Joseph’s can ensure that our students have outstanding experiences in Athletics, and create a model of sustainability for future wolves. Please consider helping out today!

Questions??? Please contact Justin Rodkey, Director of Athletics.

Blessings & Go WolfPack!
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